LPG prices increased

After increasing petrol and diesel prices, the government on Friday also raised the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) rates by Rs2 per kg for the current month, according to a notification issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

The LPG Distributors Association said the price now jumped to Rs220 per kg from Rs218. The domestic LPG cylinder will now cost Rs2,601 against Rs2,581 and the commercial cylinder Rs10,007 against Rs9,932.

“The LPG is a fuel of poor people. And now it also seems going out of their buying capacity,” the association’s chairman Irfan Khokhar said in a statement. “The government must freez the LPG price at Rs40,000 per tonne, besides increasing its local prod­uction. The government should also res­tore operation of Jamshoro plant, the biggest one in Asia, which remained closed for the last two years,” he suggested, demanding that the government abolish all taxes on this fuel.

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