Solar net-metering generation reaches 419MW

The solar net-metering power generation has reached 419MW (approximately) with a considerable number of consumers switching to solar across the country.

With around 149MW, Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) stands first among 10 power distribution companies (Discos), Dawn has learnt.

The net-metering project had been launched in 2016 countrywide. It allows any domestic, commercial, industrial and other consumers having at least a three-phase meter connection to be part of the power generation system by installing it on his/her premises (house, shop, factory, open spaces, etc). Under the arrangements, such a consumer may sell the additional energy to the respective power distribution company and make stocktaking (calculations) with it at the end of the month. Since the system allows the consumers to generate electricity from one kilowatt to one megawatt, Nepra issues licences to the applicants seeking generation below 25kW in the service area jurisdiction of all distribution companies. Before issuance of the licence, the respective companies are supposed to receive, scrutinise and process such applications.

According to an official document, Lesco, since launch of the project in 2016, received total 10,176 applications as of June, 2022 for issuance of licences for cumulative generation of around 185.975MW. The total 10,176 application included 9,561 for the generation below 25kW and 615 of over 25kW. Of these, 9,183 connections were installed and billing started to 7,288 generating total 148.853MW (148,853kW).

Lesco stands first with 149MW; Hesco, Sepco, Qesco, Tesco get lukewarm response from consumers

Gujranwala Electric Power Company (Gepco) got total 1,528 applications for net-metering connections having a cumulative generation of 41.708MW (41,708kW) that included 1,288 and 240 seeking below 25kW and over 25kW generation. Of these, 1,446 connections were installed with billing started to 1,402 with initiation of 40.717MW.

In Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco), the authorities received total 2,614 applications (2,286 below 25kW and 328 over 25kW) for generation of 56.681MW (56,681 kW). Here total 2,195 connections were installed and billing started to 1,856 connections having cumulative generation of 44.604MW (44,604kW).

Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) received total 6,398 applications (79.653 MW/79653kW) including 6,163 and 235 of below and over 25kW respectively. As many as 6,078 connections were installed and billing started to 5,377 having total generation of 72.570MW (72,570kW).

Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) got 4,232 applications having cumulative generation of 104.358MW (104,358kW) that included 3,756 and 474 of below and over 25kW respectively. As many as 3,844 connections were installed after which billing started to 3,463 having generation of 77.737MW (77,737kW).

In the areas of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco), total 1,847 applications (1744 and 103 of below and over 25kW) seeking a cumulative power generation of 27.640 MW (27,640kW) were received out of which 1,847 connections were installed with billing initiated to 1,463 applicants generating 26.304MW (26,304kW).

On the other hand, the response to the net-metering project remained lukewarm in the areas of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (Hesco), Sukkur Electric Supply Company (Sepco), Quetta Electric Supply Company (Qesco) and the Tribal Area Electric Supply Company (Tesco). The consumers in the areas of the aforementioned companies made a generation of 2.673MW, 3.768MW, 1.021MW and 500kW, respectively.

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