Global energy crisis impacts Pakistan

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) managing director has stated that the global energy crisis has impacted the gas utility as well as the entire country.

“The challenges faced are complex including the depletion of local gas reserves, RLNG (re-gasified liquefied natural gas) spot cargoes and massive domestic demand,” Ali J Hamdani said.

The MD stated this in his message to shareholders at the annual general meeting on Friday.

He emphasised that SNGPL was part of the energy value chain and was endeavouring to overcome and resolve the issues.

He pointed out that though natural gas reserves were depleting, there had been a discovery in the north where SNGPL was working on laying a pipeline network, which would provide additional gas.

“The main focus at SNGPL is to build a strong human resources pool of highly capable technical, finance and IT staff,” he said.

The MD stressed that SNGPL had the largest engineering resources, which was an asset that could be exploited for the benefit of the country.

He also spoke about the future strategy for human resources development and business diversification apart from engaging in various pipeline construction projects with national and multinational companies.

He told the shareholders that SNGPL would find new avenues of business to enhance its profit.

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