Longi Guarantees Its Modules Against Thermal Damage In High-Temperature Environments

The standard operating temperature of a PV module is higher than the ambient temperature. Under continuous exposure to extreme high temperatures, the temperature of a module at a solar power plant can reach 75°C or more, and the working temperature of its internal cells may be even higher. 

Existing base testing parameters commonly set the maximum temperature for a PV module at 85°C, however, in some extreme conditions, its working temperature may exceed this level.

LONGi has taken the lead in testing its modules’ capacity to withstand extreme temperatures during product design and thresher verification phases, with its Hi-MO 5 module passing stringent thresher thermal cycling testing and being the first to receive the associated IEC 62892 certification. LONGi high-efficiency modules have also completed IEC TS 63126:2020 testing, not only underlining their reliability and stability in challenging climatic conditions, but also validating LONGi’s approach to product R&D, manufacturing and quality control.

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