KE Continues to Ensure  Supply During Ongoing Monsoon Spell

Reports indicate that the province has received 308% more rainfall than historic average in July 2022 alone, with at least 800mm of rain in the last 48 days in Karachi alone. KE’s network of over 1900 feeders remained stable, powering the city during the ongoing spells.

The maximum number of feeders powered down for safety reasons were less than 100, out of which the majority were in areas where prevalence of kundas or waterlogging posed a hazard to citizens.

Commenting on the matter, Director Communications and KE’s Spokesperson Mr. Imran Rana said, “Our continued investment in the upgradation of our distribution network has strengthened our infrastructure resilience to ensure a reliable supply of power during rains and waterlogging situations.

Our teams are vigilant and continue to monitor the situation to respond swiftly wherever their support is required.

We are also grateful to the city government and local administrators for their continued support in ensuring the drainage of water from waterlogged areas, which remained one of our challenges in the past.”

Further expressing deepest grief over reports of electrocution incidents across the city during the rains the spokesperson further added, “Our deepest condolences are with the bereaved families of the victims.

We have received reports of 06 unfortunate incidents, and initial investigations reveal that all of these have occurred inside the premises. No KE infrastructure was involved in these unfortunate incidents.”

With the rest of August also forecasted to be a rainy month, spokesperson urged caution, stating “faulty, damaged, or unsafe wiring, particularly near water motors inside homes and on street-light switches and poles has been found to be a leading cause of most unfortunate incidents.

We urge citizens to maintain a safe distance from the electricity infrastructure is equally important during and after the rainy spells.

Please also ensure that electrical switches and appliances are not used with bare feet or wet hands.” K-Electric’s social media platforms and KE Live App remain the fastest way for customers to stay connected for guidance and updates.

However, emergency electricity complaints creating safety hazards should be reported on priority using KE’s 118 call center.

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