Rare Earth minerals in Pakistan worth $50 trillion

According to the United States geology reports. There is at least $50 trillion worth of rare earth minerals in Pakistan. Pakistan neither has the technology, government nor organization skills to excavate these highly valuable minerals. These minerals are the 21st century version of oil nowadays because very few countries have them There is more countries with oil than rare earth minerals.

Right now, China exports 80% of the world’s rare earth minerals America produces little to none which means they’re heavily dependent on China for this Rare earth minerals are used in many of the latest technology that are being released If Pakistan were to play their cards right. They should let American companies use their technology with labor from the locals to excavate the resources.

America is a really smart idea because China and other lands will always demand for their money back or your land America has the world reserve currency which means any dollars wasted are easily covered.

People like China or Saudi Arabia will put the country into debt and they will demand every dime back with interest too or seize lands like they did with the port in Sri Lanka or some African countries.

There should be a rare earth mineral contract with Pakistan by the United States similar to the Saudi petrodollar system. All people must convert their currencies to US dollars to buy Pakistani rare earth minerals This will peg the Pakistani rupee right next to the US dollar in value Then they can use American engineers and thousands of contractors to slowly build the whole country up.

Basically the plan is simple Let white people do all the work Get rich and live like Saudis do. The rare earth minerals are useless to Pakistanis because our people and government neither have the organization or skilled labor or technology to use these rare earth minerals.If we let China do it, they’ll just put the country in debt.

Also Pakistan gets indirect support from NATO since America runs NATO and all the rich white countries are in NATO. They get full support too Pakistan could be a first world resource rich nation like the Gulf lands are.

Please don’t tell me the Pakistani government and people can excavate the resources themselves. Its been 70 years since Pakistan was made and the average per capita is $2000 ranking Pakistan next to sub saharan african nations in development.

The only good part about Pakistan is that its way more hygienic than their neighbors however its still a really poor nation. I mean the average people are getting shorter too as the years go on.

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