Energy crisis in Pakistan: Conservation is the only solution

Energy in all forms is closely linked to economic prosperity of the county. Due to urbanization, climate change, and global warming energy demand is increasing.

Pakistan is the state which is facing energy crisis and unfortunately failed to find a relevant solution. Presently, we are using many electronic gadgets which cause electricity consumption.

On the other hand; government buildings, including General Assemblies consume a lot of electricity and their utility bills often remain unpaid.

According to reports, the country’s public sector distribution companies (DISCOs) lost more than Rs. 2.8 billion due to short recovery of bills in more than 430,000 cases of electricity theft during the fiscal year 2020-21 (FY21).

Unfortunately, Govt is not interested in new power generation projects. Pakistan has never developed a comprehensive, integrated energy strategy to overcome this issue. The ongoing energy crisis is not sudden at all, it was a long time in process, and would be better to be prepared for it.

Energy supply directly affects GDP of the country because shortage of energy has dire consequences on industrial growth. There are two sources of electricity, one is natural gas other is imported oil. Pakistan is facing the shortage of natural gas and oil is an expensive source for power production. The current deficit is triggering a surge in electricity generation costs. The dollar strengthened over the past few months and fuel prices are increased.

If we talk about the ground realities, there is no magical way/method to resolve this issue quickly. Conservation of energy is the only quick solution to overcome energy shortage because people are already suffering inflation.

Govt need to take measures to save energy. Covid pandemic has given us many lessons as; work from home and other hybrid arrangements.

Extra week holiday and deduction in work hours can be an option to save energy. Negotiation with traders to restrict commercial activities to daylight hours is another important method to save energy.

Additionally, experts/ researchers should suggest conservation of energy in more tactical ways to overcome this crisis.

In a discussion about current energy crisis with ‘Rana Ihsan Afzal’, Coordinator to Prime Minister of Commerce and Industries, He gave example of Bangladesh and said we must learn from their tactics of energy saving and conservation. Over-burdening the people by increasing prices is not the solution.

“No govt has magical stick to solve this issue overnight, we as a nation have to play our part to overcome this crisis”, He added.

He further said, Govt must restore the notification to restrict commercial activities to daylight and decrease the working hours.

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