Growatt MAX 100-125KTL3-X arrive in the Pakistani Market

With the increase in the electricity tariff and inflation rates in Pakistan. Globally leading inverter manufacturer Growatt New Energy introduces its new C&I
product for the Pakistani market. According to the company, the equipment is intended for Industrial and Commercial applications.

The MAX 100-125KTL3-X is now available in the Pakistani market.Considering all market trends Growatt designed this inverter in which the company makes sure
the multiple MPPTs, higher DC/AC ratio, lower mismatch losses, and high efficiency of 99.8%. This inverter is also feasible with high-rated panels as its
MPPT’s ampere rating is 16A. The use of inverters in photovoltaic systems reduces the cost of installation and lowers the cost of O&M. Also, some protection features have been added to this inverter and ensuring greater performance, safety, and intelligent maintenance. In addition, the manufacturer reported that the equipment has SPD (Surge Protection Device) protection embedded AC/DC, 8 MPPTs, 2 strings per MPPT, and a rating of IP66.

In addition, the products have a ten-year warranty. This inverter can also be managed smartly. In particular, Growatt is continuously strengthening the system of monitoring and smart energy management. With the ShineTools application for users, Shinesever web monitoring, IV scan/diagnosis,

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