DMC South, NFEH to work together for tree plantation, upgrade parks & awareness campaign

The administration of District South in Karachi has joined hands with the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) to jointly work to increase the tree cover in the downtown city area.
The decision to this effect was reached as a delegation of NFEH held a meeting with District South Administrator, Dr. Afshan Rubab.
The meeting decided that the two entities would also jointly work to improve the conditions of the public parks in the District South area.
The District South Administrator was briefed about the different public service activities of the NFEH. In this regard, a seminar is being held in the city on October 20 to raise awareness about breast cancer.
Dr Rubab accepted the invitation to attend the awareness session as its chief guest. A large number of the district administration’s employees will also attend the seminar.
Afterward, the NFEH is going to organize the 12th Fire Safety Conference and Awards on November 23. The District South Administration will also fully participate in the fire safety event.
Dr Rubab told the NFEH delegation that the District South Administration was fully ready to collaborate with the relevant non-governmental organizations to improve the civic conditions in the district.
Widespread tree plantation and upgrading the parks were the two important activities in the District South in this regard, she said.
She assured the delegation that the district administration would fully take part in all the upcoming activities of the NFEH to improve the environment and increase public health awareness.
NFEH President, Muhammad Naeem Qureshi, said that his NGO had been doing tree plantation in Karachi for the last 15 years.
He said that joining hands with the District South Administration in this regard would go a long way in keeping Karachi clean and green.
He said the women from all over Karachi would participate in the upcoming seminar of the NFEH to make them aware of the issue of breast cancer.
Qureshi said the NFEH for the past 12 years had been organizing conferences to raise awareness about the issue of fire safety as the concerned stakeholders including the industrialists attended the session.
The NFEH delegation comprised its Secretary General, Ruqiya Naeem, Vice-President Engineer Nadeem Ashraf, and Information Secretary, Mustafa Tahir.

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