Low gas pressure irks Pindiites

Low gas pressure irked the residents of different localities of the city for the past few days creating problems for domestic users, especially in the mornings.

The residents of Muslim Town, Sadiqabad, Satellite Town, Dhoke Elahi Baksh, Dhoke Khabba, and many other localities have been facing a gas shortage and low gas pressure for the last few days The unannounced gas loadshedding severely affected the daily routine activities of residents.

Workers and students are forced to leave home early in the morning without having breakfast due to the unavailability of gas at that time.

Parveen Bibi, a housewife, said that residents were facing problems because of the inefficiency of the departments concerned.

“We pay gas bills every month but get no continuous supply of gas, especially in winter. We cannot buy breakfast, lunch and dinner from restaurants daily.”

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