POL products’ prices remain unchanged

Federal government has raised the petroleum levy (PL) rates by Rs 50 per litre on petrol instead of pass on to public. The prices of petroleum products are maintained at current level with effect from November 1-15).

In a fortnightly review, the government has announced that the prices of petroleum products will be same which was announced on October 16.

However, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) notified a raise of Rs 2.74 in PL rate. The rate of PL is now Rs 50 per litre and general sale tax (GST) is zero on petrol.

On October 16, the government raised the Pl on petrol by Rs 14.84 per litre from Rs 32. 42 To Rs 47.26 per litre instead of passing the reduction to consumers. The PL rate on HSD has been reduced by Rs 5.44 per litre from Rs 12.58 to Rs 7.14 per litre.

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