OGRA increases LPG prices

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has increased the LPG prices by Rs2 per kg, adding more woes for the already over-burdened common man.

According to the notification issued, the prices for November 2022 will increase by Rs2,529 per metric ton, domestic cylinder rates by Rs35 and commercial cylinder by Rs134.

The new rates of LPG with increased prices will be Rs204 per kg instead of Rs202 previously; domestic cylinder will now cost Rs2,409 from Rs2,374 as before and commercial cylinder will be available at Rs9,269 instead of Rs9,135.

The LPG dealers chairman stressed that the country is already facing a severe natural gas supply crisis. Irfan Khokhar regretfully said that insane policies and high number of taxes have put a negative impact on the LPG industry. The LPG distributors are paying over Rs6 billion in taxes.

The LPG Industries Association of Pakistan Chairman, Irfan Khokhar, has demanded the government to waive these taxes. In this era of inflation and natural gas shortfall, the government should eliminate unnecessary taxes on LPG to provide cheap and abundant LPG to the poor. A comprehensive policy of LPG import should be made to meet the shortfall of natural gas.

The closure of JJVL Jamshoro plant has incurred a loss of billions of rupees in addition to the hike in LPG prices and the people had to buy expensive gas. The association has called for making the JJVL plan operational.

There are hundreds of substandard cylinder manufacturing factories in Gujranwala, they should be shut down immediately and stringent legislation should be enacted across the country against those selling and buying substandard cylinders to prevent loss of innocent lives.

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