AOG, NFEH, CSR Club Signed MOU’s to help genuine charities in Pakistan

The Art of Giving (AOG) organized its first-ever Open House at the Port Grand to provide an opportunity for the leading non-profits of the country to display their philanthropic and noble social work to prospective donors.

The AOG joined hands with the National Forum for Environment and Health and CSR Club Pakistan to combine at one place leading charities, philanthropists, and donors for mobilizing maximum resources for genuine charitable causes in the country.

AOG CEO, Raheel Aslam, said the Open House was organized to celebrate the fact that eight out of every 10 citizens in Pakistan fully believed in the concept of charitable donations irrespective of their socio-economic status.

He said that these generous Pakistanis donated an average of Rs 10,000 every year but this money didn’t reach genuine charitable causes and instead had become the reason behind the massive increase in the menace of beggary in the urban centers.

He said that despite such a massive charity every year by such a large number of concerned citizens Pakistan still ranked at 107th position on the World Giving Index only because a very large chunk of the donations in the country ended up in the hands of beggars.

Aslam said the AOG also showcased on the occasion its latest innovation i.e. Pakistan’s first-ever automated kindness machine that provided an opportunity for the prospective donors to use a transparent, digital, and fully accountable mechanism to get associated with up to 20 leading non-profits in the country on a real-time basis.

He said the new automated donation machine would be installed at 10 different locations in the next three months for generating maximum resources for the leading charities of Pakistan through a computerized system.

M. Naeem Qureshi President NFEH and CSR Club of Pakistan, Engr Nadeem Ashraf VP NFEH signed on both agreements to promote fund raising & awareness for various welfare projects.

Also on the occasion, different memorandums of understanding were signed to promote good social causes in the country.

The non-governmental organization National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) partnered with the AOG to promote and deploy CSR campaigns related to climate change to attract students and professionals towards this cause.

The CSR Cub partnered with AOG to expand the operations of the new automated kindness Machine across Pakistan to educate professionals regarding philanthropic causes and enable them to participate in their preferred cause via cash or time.

EyeBalls and Sign Ways Communication partnered with the AOG to provide the vacant period of Karachi outdoor billboards to create awareness about good social causes in Pakistan.

RedBox partnered with NFEH to develop a botanical garden in the upcoming housing society “City 108” on M9 Motorway.

RedBox partnered with Roshni Homes Trust to build a home for orphans in the upcoming housing society “City 108”.

Alliancez partnered with Do Advertising and Sign Ways Communication to digitalize outdoor advertising media in Karachi with programmatic buying.

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