Why fossil fuel lobbyists rise for COP27 climate change summit

Di number of delegates wey get links to fossil fuels wey dey in attendance for di UN climate summit jump to 25% from di last meeting.

One analysis wey BBC get show.

Campaign group Global Witness discover say more dan 600 pipo wey dey Egypt for di Climate Change Summit dey linked to fossil fuels.

Dis one pass di combined delegations from di 10 most climate-impacted kontris.

Around 35,000 pipo dey expected to attend di COP27 summit for di Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Dis conferences dey always attract plenty pipo from di coal, oil and gas industries, wey dey serious to influence di shape of di debate.

For last year summit for Glasgow, same analysis of official attendance lists show 503 delegates wey get connection to fossil fuels. 

Graphic wey show delegate numbers
Wetin we call dis foto,Global Witness say 200 lobbyists dey for national delegations. Another 436dey for trade groups, international bodies or other non-governmental organisations

Dis year dat figure don go up to 636.

“COP27 be like fossil fuel industry trade show,” Rachel Rose Jackson, from Corporate Accountability, one of a group of campaigners wey release di data tok.

“We dey on carousel of madness hia instead of climate action. Di fossil fuel industry, dia agenda dey deadly. Dia motivation na profit and greed. Dem no dey serious about climate action. Dem no ever dey serious and no go eva dey serious.”

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