Karot project to save 1.4m tons coal

The Karot Hydropower Project is expected to save 1.4 million tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.5 million tons each year, Vice General Manager of China Three Gorges International Limited (CTGI) and Chairman of CSAIL Qin Guobin said.

With a total installed capacity of 720MW and an annual generating capacity of 3.2 billion kWh, Qin Guobin said, the Karot Hydropower Project was executed under the umbrella of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which can meet the electricity needs of 5 million people in Pakistan and play an important role in alleviating the power shortage in Pakistan, improving its energy structure and promoting the sustainable development of local economy and society and contribute to the global goal of “carbon neutrality”.

Qin Guobin spoke at China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Ltd (CSAIL) held at “Public Open Day” event at the Karot Hydropower Project site. The participants included Pakistani government officials, community members of the Karot Project, teachers and students of surrounding schools.

He welcomed representatives of the Pakistani government, community members, teachers and primary school students for visiting Karot Hydropower Project.

After seven years of transformation, the Karot Hydropower Project achieved full operation on June 29, 2022. After nearly five months of smooth operation, the first public Open Day of the Karot Hydropower Project was held, which welcomed the first group of visitors.

With the theme of “Clean Energy, Karot Hydropower Project around me”, the open day event led visitors to understand and visit the spillway, dam, power plant and other facilities of Karot Hydropower Project through promotional videos, and on-site visits, and interaction with project professionals, to experience the comprehensive benefits of the power project before and after its commissioning in providing clean energy, protecting the ecological environment, integrating into the local community and fulfilling social responsibilities.

During the event, CSAIL issued appointment letters to localized employees and launched a vlogging campaign of “China Three Gorges in My Eyes” among the new employees, who had received the “China Three Gorges Corporation Scholarship”.

In addition, school bags and stationery items were donated to the primary school students, and the students drew “Karot in my mind” on the graffiti wall with paint brushes to express their interest in the Karot Project.

During the construction of hydropower project, China Three Gorges Corporation actively took the initiative to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility.

They have built more than 20 public welfare projects for local communities, including schools, hospitals and roads, carried out biodiversity conservation, and directly or indirectly provided more than 4,500 local jobs every year during the construction of the project.

They have sponsored 33 students under their scholarship program to complete their undergraduate studies jointly in Chinese and Pakistani universities.

The VC CTGI said the Public Open Day in Karot is a sign of openness, inclusiveness and integration. It is a vivid illustration of China-Pakistan friendship.

He said the China Three Gorges Corporation will continue to implement the goals of CPEC energy cooperation, provide more green energy for Pakistan’s socio-economic development, bring more benefits to the local people and make positive contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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