Energy crisis can be avoided by efficient use of biomass, hydropower energy: experts

A seminar titled ‘Energy Saving and Efficient Use of Resources’ was organized at the Iqra University North Campus.

While addressing the seminar, CEO of 3 Ray Solution, Imran Imtiaz Butt said that according to an estimate, 1.5 hours of continuous sunlight falls on the Earth, which is enough to resolve the Global Energy Crisis.

He said that every second around 173,000 terawatts of Solar Energy reaches the surface of the Earth, which can easily provide electricity 10,000 times greater than the current production around the globe, according to a communiqué here on Sunday.

He said that if only 16 percent of the total area of the Sahara Desert is covered with solar panels, the total energy demand of the world can be met.

Imran Butt said that the energy crisis and improper use of energy resources is a growing concern of the intellects around the globe. ‘We urgently need to take better measures to solve this important problem, for which natural resources such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, etc can be used.

A cataclysmic problem like the energy crisis can be avoided by the timely and efficient use of biomass energy and hydropower energy. He said that there is a dire need for awareness among young students regarding this issue, which will be beneficial for economic development in the modern era.

He elaborated on the smart use of electrical appliances and the prevention of energy loss with examples.

In such situations, switching from DC inverters to AC inverters will save energy from electrical appliances. Using LED lights, using DC inverter fans, using EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and others are included.

At the end of the session, Ms. Areeba Iqbal from the faculty of Business Administration delivered a vote of thanks to the speaker for delivering such an informative and knowledgeable session and to the audience for their enthusiastic participation.

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