SECL (Thar Block-1): EPTL voices concern over delay in transmission line construction

Ms/Engro Powergen Thar Limited (EPTL) has expressed its concern over the delay in construction of dedicated transmission line for SECL (Thar Block-1) and lack of preventive maintenance at Block-2.

In a letter to Managing Director NTDC and CEO CPPA-G, CEO M/s EPTL, Syed Manzoor Hussain Zaidi, EPTL has drawn the attention to longstanding issues of delays in construction of dedicated transmission lines for Thar Block-1 power plant (SECL) and lack of preventive maintenance on Thar Block-2 circuits prior to foggy conditions in upcoming winter season.

According to the company, it has been highlighting the matter since late 2022 through multiple letters, stability data sharing as well as formal meeting in December 2021, however, as of now there has been minimal progress on the construction of the lines as well as no preventive maintenance activity on the Thar Block-2 circuit in 2022.

Zaidi said that there are reports that works on the dedicated transmission lines for Thar Block-1 are very slow indicating lack of any momentum and clear deadline for the works, the EPTL said adding that if the dedicated transmission lines are not completed before commissioning of SECL power plant (Thar Block-1) which is expected in Q1-2023, then this will have a very adverse effect on power dispersal from Thar based power plants leading to potential load curtailment and reliability issues.

The EPTL notes lack of preventive maintenance activities for Thar block 2 transmission lines despite multiple tripping events last year and this year. Thar circuits are now evacuating power from both EPTL & TEL plants hence its once again requested for respective offices to direct relevant teams to initiate preventive maintenance activities on existing transmission lines without further delay so as to ensure reliable & stable power evacuation from Thar region.

The EPTL has requested that NTDC and CPPA-G should take up unresolved matters at the highest level and ensure continuous and reliable availability of transmission lines for evacuation of power from indigenous Thar coal which is extremely critical for the country in terms of energy security as well as ensuring affordable power for consumers.

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