OGDCL Conducts 221 Line-Km 2D Seismic Surveys

The acquired 221 Line km of 2D seismic data and 21 Sq. km of 3D seismic data represents 49% of total 2D and 17% of total 3D seismic data acquisition in the country respectively,” the company said in its first quarterly financial report for 2022-23.

Moreover, the OGDCL using in-house resources processed/reprocessed 1,065 Line km of 2D seismic data, besides carrying out an additional 135 Line km of geological fieldwork in Nowshera.

On the drilling front, the company spud one exploratory well namely Shahpurabad-1 (1Q 2021-22: 3 wells). It also completed the drilling and testing of two wells pertaining to the previous fiscal year. “Total drilling recorded during the three months stood at 11,392 meters.”

The company mentioned in the report that its exploration activities had been severely affected by the torrential rains and flood and security concerns, adding “the planned 3D seismic survey of 210 Sq. km was affected by torrential rains, whereas 2D seismic survey of 84 Line km had to be deferred due to security concerns in Zin and Lillah blocks. However, the Company is making all efforts to recover the deferred seismic activities within the current fiscal year.

During the period under review, the OGDCL contributed around 46 per cent, 30 per cent and 36 per cent towards the country’s total oil, natural gas and LPG production respectively.

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