Growatt MID 20KTL3-X2 arrives in the Pakistani market

Today, solar power is becoming more and more popular and easily accessible, because technology has brought higher efficiency, smarter functions, and better user experience. The MID 20KTL3-X2, introduced by Growatt for the Pakistani market, is a perfect example of such advancement.

After gaining a lot of fame in the global market the MID 20KTL3-X2 is now available in Pakistan. Along with the air cooling, this inverter also has an OLED display. This inverter also has some added features of AC short-circuit protection, ground fault monitoring, grid monitoring, Anti-islanding protection, and string monitoring.

The maximum input current is 32A per MPPT and 16A per string, which enabling compatibility with bi-facial and high power modules, and has 2 MPPT that providing flexibility in rooftop PV system design.

Along with the IP65 rating and 1.5 times DC/AC ratio, it has many other protection features like type II SPD on both AC and DC sides, AFCI optional,  and intelligent string monitoring. It has an efficiency of 98.8% which ensures higher yields and a higher ROI.

It can easily be managed and controlled smartly through Growatt ShineServer web monitoring and ShinePhone app. With the OSS(Online Smart Service) platform, MID 20KTL3-X2 also supports remote system upgrade and smart O&M functions such as smart I-V curve and one-click diagnosis. It can reduce onsite visits for customer issues, significantly lowering the O&M cost for installers.

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