Regarding additional 100-MW electricity from Iran,


Regarding additional 100-MW electricity from Iran, Power Division has informed that the Jiwani to Gwadar transmission line of 60-KM would be completed during the current month and it will be provided 60-70 MW on one circuit. Evacuation, foundation concreting and backfilling work is in progress whereas 25-KM string work has been completed. NTDC component will be completed this month whereas Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Power Division will coordinate with Iran. Additional Rs 1.8 billion is required to complete the project. Sponsors will meet it through re-appropriation or will process special case in mid-year review.

Khuzdar-Panjgur Transmission line (via Nag-Basima); lot 04, Tx line from Nag to Gwadar is being constructed by FWO. Funds are made available on time, Right of Way (RoW) and LC letter issues are resolved. Out of 1038 towers, 232 towers have already been erected. String hardware has not yet arrived from abroad.

300-MW Gwadar coal power project: Power Division/ PPIB has suggested to the Chinese company to explore the possibility of establishing the project on local coal instead of imported coal as relocating it to Thar. The other option under consideration is to construct 500-KV transmission line from Hub to Gwadar to cater to all the energy requirements of the area.

Power Division will finalize the decision based on reliable technical analysis and share it with the Chinese side during the Energy Group meeting for consensus decision.

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