Thar coal to be linked with PQ thru rail system

The government has decided to link Thar coal and Port Qasim (PQ) with Pakistan Railways network through Rs 58.240 billion project in order to provide bulk transportation facilities as per requirement of the economy.

Sources said that the PC-I of the project has been prepared and is expected to be approved soon. They added that the total project cost of Rs 58.240 billion would be financed through Public Sector Development Programme and Annual Development Plan on equal cost sharing basis.

The project comprises construction of 105-kilometer long track including 24.58-kilometer loop-line new single line railway track infrastructure from Thar Coal mines to new Chhor Station and;(ii) construction of 18-kilometer long new double line track (9-Kilometer on each side), includes 4.20-kilometer long loop-lines, from Bin Qasim railway station to Port Qasim.

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