SolaX Signed a 100MW Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Fronus

On Nov. 29, 2022, SolaX signed a 100MW strategic cooperation agreement with Fronus Solar Energy, a leading renewable energy company in Pakistan, to provide advanced inverter solutions in the Pakistan market in the following year.

In addition, SolaX and BTA Technologies inked a partnership agreement, under which BTA Technologies would eventually take over the duties of SolaX’s Pakistani after-sales service center. This cooperation is another vital step for SolaX in promoting localization in Pakistan, which will give local clients more timely and targeted after-sales service.

Fronus Solar Energy is a leading renewable energy company in Pakistan, committed to providing the most innovative clean energy solutions to its customers. And BTA Technologies, which has 23 service centers in Pakistan and an extensive experience in inverter maintenance, is the official after-sales partner of Fronus Solar Energy.

As one of the world’s most famous residential energy storage system suppliers, SolaX has researched PV technology for many years. With branches in 6 countries, SolaX has around 2,500 global employees and sells products to more than 80 countries. Additionally, in many countries, including Pakistan, SolaX has been named the top brand of PV inverter by EuPD Research, a famous research institute in the energy markets.

This cooperation between SolaX and Fronus was highly expected by both sides. SolaX truly believes that this partnership will enable it to better serve Pakistani clients by offering them high-quality PV solutions and reliable local services. By working together, SolaX anticipates accelerating the energy transition of Pakistan toward a zero-carbon future as soon as possible.

About SolaX Power
SolaX Power, an expert in PV and energy storage industry, is devoted to powering a green future and is affirmed by customers worldwide for its renowned and reliable products. Currently, SolaX’s inverter production capacity has surpassed 30GW while its battery production capacity has come to 7.4GWh, with 8.76M inverter units and 7.3M battery units produced annually. The new factory constructed this year has 14 cutting-edge Production Lines and 6 Automatic SMT Production Lines.

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