SNGPL says has reduced UfG losses by 23,348mmcf

The Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) has claimed to reduce the unaccountable for gas (UfG) losses by 23,348 mmcf which is 28 percent more than the assigned task.

The government on October 31, 2019, assigned the task of reduction in the UfG losses of SNGPL by 18,240 mmcf within a period of three years (FY 2019-20 to FY 2021-22) ending on June 30, 2022. The gas company says that the targets as well as achievements against all 30 Ufg control measures (KMIs) have been shared with Prime Minister’s Office through the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division).

The SNGPL has focused on theft, leakage and measurement error control to reduce its losses.

Focus on Gas Theft Control has been increased. Real-time monitoring of all industrial consumers through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is being carried out. Cyber locks at suspected industrial connections have also been installed to restrict unauthorised access.

Physical vigilance of domestic and commercial consumers is under way. Following results have been achieved in three years: 325,978 theft cases detected, 5,282 mmcf volume booked, 3,868 mmcf volume recovered, Rs4,543 millions amount booked and Rs2,402 millions amount recovered.

Leakage control is also critical in the UfG control efforts. The SNGPL has replaced 2,645km leaking lines under System Rehabilitation Programme (SRP). Further, 97,984 numbers underground leakages and 2,935,842 above-ground leakages have been rectified.

Measurement Accuracy Efforts are under way for which around 2,097,608 meters (i.e. Suspected, Defective and scheduled etc.) have been replaced, resulting into booking of 21,418 mmcf against under-billing charges.

These UfG reduction results have only been made possible owing to technological, operational and physical interventions undertaken during the incumbent MD regime. The UfG is on a continuous decline owing to effective technology-based monitoring controls introduced under the supervision of MD. SNGPL has now been transformed into a vibrant and innovative technology-based energy provider which indeed is a remarkable turnaround during a short period of time.

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