Smuggled Iranian oil in Pakistan


Recently around 41 innocent people were burned alive in a bus on Quetta-Lesbela Road.🚑🚒

It is unfortunate that while our priorities are to spend millions on Motorways and Orange/ Red Lines in other provinces, main RCD highway of Baluchistan (which connects Karachi to Afghanistan via Chaman and Iran via Taftan) is still single carriageway and is prone to many traffic accidents and loss of precious lives.
No one in this country has bothered to give this God forsaken province decent highways. 😑🚦🇵🇰

Fact is that they have ruined the economy and not able to provided job opportunities to the people of Baluchistan.

Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum has been informed that Iranian oil smuggling is causing a loss of Rs. 60 billion annually.🚦🇵🇰

Data shows that 19.5% of countries demand is fulfilled through Iranian diesel.

Now about 2.2 million people of Baluchistan are risking their life and directly involved in the smuggling of various Iranian products, including cheap oil. 🚦
CPEC is yet to deliver employment opportunities for the young population.

Transportation of oil through busses is just 2%-3% of total quantity being smuggled to Punjab & Sindh. If you visit borders of Punjab from Rukni (DG Khan) you will notice that almost every passenger bus and cargo truck is equipped with additional under belly and roof top storage tanks carrying smuggled Iranian oil products. However, majority of the product is moved on tankers. One of the senior politicians in the Baluchistan government (Quddus Bizenjo) is the front man and owns transport fleets involved in Iranian oil smuggling.

Smuggling of this scale is simply not possible unless there is a criminal negligence on the part of the provincial government and various security agencies deployed on check posts along the route.
It is a known secret that smuggling is a billion-dollar business in Baluchistan, and along with Politicians, men from most disciplined institutions are main stakeholders & beneficiaries of this loot.

Politicians in the government like Mau­la­na Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUIF has been opposing any decision to restrict smuggling of Iranian products through Baluchistan on the ground that the move will render thousands of people jobless.I🚦🇵🇰🤨

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