Solis Seminar Pay Attention to these Common O&M Problems with Inverters in the Winter Time


With winter comes cold temperature and now and then outrageous climate, for example, snow, freezing rain,or even polar freezes. In low temperatures, you want to give all the more close consideration to your inverter’s activity and support (O&M). This episode of Solis’ course will tell you what to look out for in the colder time of year time.

Ⅰ. Influence of low temperatures on inverters
Obviously, temperature affects inverters. Temperatures that are too high will influence the result limit of the inverter, the exhibition of parts and, surprisingly, the existence of the gear. Yet, the super low temperatures will likewise influence the activity of the inverter, for example, buildup, low temperature closure, misoperation, strange power, DC overvoltage, and different flaws. Subsequently, winter is the point at which you really want to focus on the support of the inverter.
Ⅱ.Winter inverter support thoughtfulness regarding the issue
Inverter support in winter incorporates really focusing on the accompanying issues:
Prevent snow around the inverter
Snow evacuation in winter is one of the significant connections in the activity and upkeep of photovoltaic power stations. For inverters, the encompassing snow ought to be taken out, particularly at the top and base. The snow on the top will harm the steadiness of the inverter establishment structure and could make serious harm the shell. Snow at the base might cover the air conditioner/DC ports and specialized gadgets, which might cause issue cautions, like spillage current, or influence correspondence. Utilize an adaptable and dry device, like a digging tool, to clear the snow. Try not to harm the inverter lodging or AC/DC links during the cleaning system.

Assuming that conditions grant, we recommend to introduce snow holding gear for the inverter or introducing the inverter in protected placesor inside.
②Ice on the inverter lodging ought to sit tight for naturalization
At exceptionally low temperatures, it is typical for ice to shape on the inverter shell. It isn’t suggested that you utilize high temp water or hard items to eliminate the ice as these techniques might hurt the inverter shell and by and large construction. Permit the ice to normally soften.
③Keep an eye on the activity of the power station through Solis’ internet based O&M stage
Throughout the colder time of year, the activity and upkeep of the power station can be troublesome. We can focus on the activity of the power station through the SolisCloud online stage, yet we want to focus on the alert data of the power station, particularly the “under-temperature security”, “DC overvoltage”, “PV protection disappointment” and other data. Kindly figure out on these problems when they come up to safeguard the life span of the inverter. The following are the various issues and how to determine them.
A. LowTemp.AMB: This shortcoming is normal and is brought about by the low surrounding temperature(Low encompassing temperature might make the inverter neglect to associate with the matrix or shut down).

Goal Method:Check whether the surrounding temperature is excessively low and restart the inverter.
B. DC Over Voltage:The early plan of the power station didn’t consider the PV string voltage increment brought about by the super low temperature that might happen around here.

Goal Method:
1. Utilize a multimeter to check whether the info voltage surpasses the most extreme information voltage of the inverter
2. Restart the inverter
3. In the event that still not rejected, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Solis client assistance.
Moreover, “DC Transport Over Voltage” and “DC Transport Unbalance” both have a place with this sort of DC over voltage issue, and the treatment techniques are comparative.
C. PV Separation Security: There is an increment of dampness in the air during winter that effectively prompts the low impedance of the framework. Uncovered links and associations likewise make the inverter report PV Confinement Security

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