Need to eliminate gender based oppression


A Message on World Women Day

In my humble opinion, need to eliminate gender based oppression is necessary and in fact, it is inevitable now for progression.

However, the source of inspiration or say motivation behind advocacy for this noble cause is of vital importance. Because the ideology behind any movement defines fate of that movement after achievement of its goal. In my thought process, I stand with freedom, independence and equal rights of my mother, my daughter, my sister, my wife and all the half component of human, irrespective of any bias. Yet, I feel proud to take this inspiration from the spirit of my religion. I don’t need any contemporary or classical philosophy like feminism or whatever to express what I want. I am proud of my religion whose First Lady, Bibi Khadija s.a was a businesswoman. I am proud to get inspiration that my religion’s First Lady was such empowered that She employed our Holy Prophet pbuh. I am proud that my religion’s first lady enjoyed right to choose the partner and She proposed to marry with our Holy Prophet pbuh. I am proud to have Bibi Ayesha s.a who taught Ashab-e-Ikraam.I am proud to have Bibi Fatima s.a to whose respect, our Holy Prophet pbuh used to stand. I am proud to have Bibi Zainab s.a. who took the mission of Imam Hussain a.s and stretched the battlefield of Karbala upto the castles of Damascus. The line to get inspiration, motivation and reasoning is very long hence I say NO to gender based oppression because my religion teaches me so.

Written By: Ahmed waqar

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