Govt To Approve Amendments To MA, PPA And NA of UCH Power


The public authority is to endorse corrections to Dominate Arrangement (Mama), Power Buy Understanding (PPA) and the Novation Arrangement (NA) of Uch Power (Private) Restricted (UPL) as finished by CPPA-G and the power project organization, sources near Overseeing Chief PPIB. The Leading group of PPIB has additionally supported proposed corrections for ahead accommodation to the Monetary Coordination Council (ECC) of the Bureau for endorsement.

UPL is a 586 MW native low BTU gas-based Free Power Maker (IPP), situated at Dera Murad Jamali, Locale Naseerabad, Balochistan which was charged on October 18, 2000. UPL had executed the Execution Understanding (IA) on November 19, 1995, PPA on November 23, 1995 and first changed and rehashed Gas Supply Arrangement (GSA) on November 2, 1995 in connected with the task.

The sources said, to decide a viable method for making per unit cost of power created by UPL more cutthroat and give advantage to power purchasers of the nation, OGDCL and UPL examined and consented to cover Marker Value Record under the statement 2.8 of the GSA.

UPL through its letter of October 14, 2022 informed GoP/PPIB that UPL and OGDCL have consented to execute Revision No.4 to the GSA to correct meaning of the term ‘Marker Value File’ in statement 1.5 of section 1 of Show B to the GSA by including the accompanying toward the finish of the definition as repeated underneath for fulfillment:

“Marker Value List” – A number processed to four decimal spots which for any month rises to (a) the base marker cost, in addition to one-half of any sure distinction between the marker cost and the base marker cost, separated by (b) the base marker cost, where the marker not set in stone as per Passage 1.4 at the significant cost warning time frame in which such month happens, nonetheless, that all of any certain contrast between the marker cost and the base marker cost will be added to the base marker cost in subsection (a) after the 20th commemoration of the Business Activity Date (COD); gave further despite anything going against the norm in this Show B, the Marker Value File will not surpass 2.8 from July 1, 2021.”

The sources said, OGDCL, Oil and Gas Administrative Power and DG (Gas) office have given their endorsements/NoC on Change no. 4 to GSA, adding that since the adjustment of GSA would be correspondingly reflected in a comparative change to the meaning of “Marker Value File” in Provision 1.4 of Section 1-An of Timetable 6 to the PPA; subsequently in understanding to Segment 17.1 of the PPA, it tends to be revised exclusively by understanding between the Gatherings recorded as a hard copy.

The Segment 17.1 of the PPA additionally expresses that: “no change of this arrangement will be powerful assuming it substantially builds commitment of the endless supply of the Execution Arrangement or under the assurance except if and until the GoP supports such alteration recorded as a hard copy”.

Consequently, UPL through its letter of October 14, 2022 mentioned PPIB/GoP to concede its endorsement for important alterations in the relevant venture arrangements (for example GSA and PPA), to empower UPL to execute the Change no. 4 to GSA and Alteration No. 4 to the PPA.

To look for the CPPA-G’s perspective with regards to this issue, particularly concerning influence on GoP commitments under the IA and the GoP ensure through the proposed correction, PPIB moved toward CPPA-G on November 11, 2022, as per Segment 24.1 of the IA and mentioned to survey the progressions proposed in the change, give its simultaneousness as Power Buyer, share a total monetary examination of it , alongside any unfavorable effects on GoP commitments/liabilities, under IA and GoP Assurance .

According to CPPA-G’s examination there would be no unfriendly monetary ramifications in light of the fact that the per unit cost of power produced by UPL will be more aggressive.

The Marker Value List was recently covered at 3.9223/MMBTU and assuming it is covered to 2.8/MMBTU from July 2021, the power shoppers will be benefitted to the tune of Rs. 4.9 billion from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 separated from future monetary reserve funds till the term of PPA. Meanwhile, CPPA-G through its letter of December 6, 2022 informed PPIB that the matter with respect to Revision No. 04 to the GSA and the PPA was introduced before its Directorate in a gathering hung on November 30, 2022, wherein following choices were made:

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