India Exploited 29% of Hydropower Potential Power Minister to Parliament-EQ Mag


India has taken advantage of 29% of its hydropower potential against more than 80% and 70 percent developed by the US and European Association separately, Parliament was educated on Tuesday.

According to the Reassessment Study did by the Central Electricity (CEA) during 1978-1987, the evaluated hydropower potential in the nation is around 1,45,320 MW (for projects with limit over 25 MW), Power Pastor R K Singh said in a composed answer to Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. Singh said that 42,104.6 MW (29%) out of 1,45,320 MW has been created and 15,023.5 MW (10.3 percent) is under development.

According to reports of the Global Hydropower Affiliation (IHA), the US has grown more than 80% of its hydropower potential and the EU (European Association) has grown more than 70% of its hydropower potential, he told the House. The fundamental difficulties in the advancement of hydroelectric potential in the nation are distant area, unusual geography, normal catastrophes, climate and woods issues, Restoration and Resettlement (R&R) issues, regulation and request issues and between state issues, he expressed.

In a different answer, Singh let the House know that as on Walk 14, 2023, the all out coal stock at Nuclear energy Stations in the nation is 33.3 MT (million tons) which is just 49% of the Standardizing Stock Prerequisite. The coal loading standards of the Focal Power Authority command the power plants to keep up with coal stock which differs from one month to another premise. The stocking norms are 20 to 26 days in non-pithead plants and 12 to 17 days in pithead plants so as to ensure sufficient coal stock at power plants to meet demand, it stated.

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