Judgement on Reducing KE’s Subsidy Reserved


Amid consumers’ opposition, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) saved judgment on the public authority’s solicitation for decreasing power sponsorship by about Rs20 billion through about Rs6.02 per unit expansion in K-Electric’s customer end tax from April to June. While finishing up the formal conference on a request recorded by the Power Division for a climb in KE’s buyer tax, Nepra director Tauseef H. Farooqui said the controller would give its assurance without further ado.

In two dire petitions, the Power Division had requested that the controller increment K-Electric’s customer tax by up to Rs6.02 per unit under two past quarterly changes and permit its recuperation from buyers in 90 days — April to June — to guarantee a public uniform levy. The meeting was informed that the public authority previously recuperated a comparable expansion in duty from purchasers of ex-Wapda Discos.

Under the solicitation made by the Power Division, the levy for up to 200 units of utilization in the homegrown class would increment by Rs3.03 per unit during April and May and afterward Rs1.55 per unit in June. For utilization between 201 to 700 units, the rates would go up by Rs4.76 per unit in April and May and by Rs1.55 per unit in June. For any remaining classes, the tax increment would be Rs6.02 per unit in these three months.

Under the petitions, the Power Division looked for execution of Nepra’s past judgments imagining up to Rs4.45 per unit quarterly change for the principal quarter of 2022-23 (July to September) and Rs1.55 per unit for the second quarter of 2021-22 (October to December) to the buyers of KE.

The typical climb of the KE customers for the principal quarter of FY23 is Rs3.21 per unit, while it is Rs1.55 per unit for the second quarter of FY22. The Power Division has requested that Nepra issue separate timetables of duty for these two quarters so recuperations could be guaranteed before the end of the ongoing financial year in accordance with monetary appropriations.

Nepra had proactively permitted a climb of up to Rs4.45 per unit in power duty, enabling the ex-Wapda Discos to move an extra weight of Rs42 billion to buyers by virtue of quarterly change for the main quarter of the continuous monetary year.

The controller had guided the Discos to guarantee that the extra weight is moved during February and Walk and will have a typical effect of Rs3.30 per unit on the purchasers inside a reach for different shopper classes between Rs1.4874 per unit to Rs4.45 per unit for Discos.

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