Planned 600MW Solar Power Plant PMO Compels Ministry to Make Rs930m Available


The Prime Minister Office (PMO) has reportedly constrained the Service of Arranging, Advancement and Extraordinary Drives (PD&SI) to make Rs 930 million accessible through re-allotment for land securing regarding the arranged 600 MW sun based power plant at Muzaffargarh, all around informed sources told Business Recorder. These headings were given considering defenses given by Power Division, in its note to Secretary to State leader.

Sarah Saeed, Exceptional Secretary to State head, in a letter to Secretary Arranging, Improvement and Unique Drives, expressed that Head of the state has wanted that the service might give assets to the tune of Rs.930 million through re-appointment for land procurement regarding the arranged 600 MW sun based power plant at Muzaffargarh, considering the legitimization expounded by Power Division. The PMO likewise requested that Arranging Service counsel Power Division for monetary staging, if conceivable. A report may likewise be submitted for the scrutiny of the State head.

Power Division, in its synopsis to the Top state leader contended that to alleviate the effect of steadily expanding energy cost, government stepped up to the plate for establishment of utility scale sun based power plants withtotalenvisagedcapacityof2400 MW. This drive depended on the idea of replacement for which three destinations close to the current plants at Muzaffargarh, Trimmu and Layyah were distinguished. PC-1s for the procurement of land estimating 2400 sections of land at Muzaffargarh, 2400 sections of land at Trimmu and 4800 sections of land at Layyah were supported in October 2022 at a complete expense of around Rs 6.616 billion and land securing process was started with the help of nearby organization.

In such manner, Muzaffargarh project was taken as main goal and quick track process was followed to finish the land obtaining process as land was to be given over to the fruitful bidder. Starting assessed cost for securing of land at Muzaffargarh was around Rs.1.4 billion. Be that as it may, region organization of Muzaffargarh and Kot Addu finished the part 4 and ensuing cost appraisal practice at significantly less expense of Rs 930 million.

For the consummation of subsequent stages, Power Division has been mentioning Service of Arranging, Advancement and Extraordinary Drives for arrival of essential assets. In the wake of finishing required conventions, first solicitation for arrival of assets was made on January 27, 2023 and the keep going reference was sent on Walk 4, 2023.However, no assets have been delivered up until this point. Accordingly, the course of segment 5 and other related advances has been required to be postponed. Offering for 600 MW sun based power plant at Muzaffargarh is well under way and bid accommodation date is fixed for May 8, 2023.

Power Division keeps up with that given the circumstance it appears to be that on the off chance that land obtaining process isn’t finished before this date in view of non-accessibility of assets, project culmination plan will likewise be unfavorably impacted. The sources additionally expressed that the public authority has introduced these sun powered replacement projects as leader drive to IMF and different benefactors for bringing age cost down to give alleviation to unfortunate layers of society.

Power Division, in its note to Secretary State leader mentioned that both Service of Arranging and Service of Money be mentioned to essentially deliver the assets for procurement of land for Muzaffargarh project adding up to Rs 930 million according to land evaluation report.

Prior , Service of Arranging, Improvement and Extraordinary Drives, in its correspondence had informed Power Division that due to non-accessibility of investment funds at this stage under Open Area Advancement Plan (2022-23), it isn’t plausible to give extra assets of Rs 3.958 billion as Money Advancement Credit (CDL) to Influence Division for two unbudgeted projects supported by the Focal Improvement Working Party (CDWP) on October 28, 2022 named, land securing for establishment of 600 MW sunlight based influence plant at region Muzaffargarh, (Rs 1.4 billion ) and land procurement for establishment of 600 MW sun oriented influence plant at Tehsil Athara, locale Jhang (Rs 2.558 billion).

As indicated by sources, Service of Arranging, Advancement and Unique Drives encouraged Power Division to investigate potential reserve funds inside its planned portfolio and fulfill the base squeezing need of these activities through re-allotment during CFY. Service of Arranging, Improvement and Exceptional Drives had likewise recommended that on the off chance that investment funds are not accessible inside the planned portfolio, Power Division might move toward Money Division for arrangement of essential assets as CDL through Beneficial Award for the two tasks, far beyond the size of PSDP 2022-23.

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