Internal Issues Repeal of Rules Affect NEPRA Performance


The power area’s administrative body, Public Electric Power Administrative Power (NEPRA), is supposed to confront an emergency like circumstance because of drawn out defer in endorsement of undertakings, inward fighting inside the association and nullification of guidelines and rules 2002, very much educated sources told Business Recorder.

Power projects worth billions of dollars which have finished all codal conventions are in a dubious circumstance with one Nepra part endorsing them and another difficult his powers. In the event that the Director gives his endorsement an opponent part might go against by contending that it doesn’t fall inside the Executive’s ward.

The sources expressed cancelation of the accompanying guidelines last year is the justification behind obstacles confronting the under-process projects: (I) Public Electric Power Administrative Power Break Power Acquisition (System and Principles) Guideline, 2005; (ii) Public Electric Power Administrative Power Cutthroat Offering Levy (Endorsement Technique), Guidelines, 2017; (iii) Public Electric Power Administrative Power (Import of Force) Guidelines 2014; and (iv) Public Electric Power Administrative Power Forthright Duty (Endorsement and Method) Guidelines, 2011.

Nepra barbecues PD group for proposing overcharge plan

The authorities of impacted projects, which have proactively spent significant assets on handling, are composing letters to every one of the concerned quarters for endorsements however they are not getting a legitimate reaction. The activities which have been impacted are connected with Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K), Classification – III, CPPs and RFPs.

At the point when reached Administrator Nepra, Tauseef H Farooqi said: “I don’t know subtleties yet just those eventual canceled which we were moved to guidelines. So I don’t consider repeal any standard would have affected any plant. According to our new demonstration, rules are to be revoked by the national government and Nepra is to switch it over completely to guidelines.”

In the mean time, Bureau Division has looked for update status of the accompanying three cases from the Power Division sent by Nepra: (I) Nullification Nepra (Charges (Rules, 2002); (ii) Cancelation of Nepra (Uniform Arrangement of Records) Rules, 2009; and (iii) Annulment of Nepra (Fines Rules, 2002).

On repeal Nepra Charges (Rules, 2002), Nepra kept up with that the current yearly expense in recorded to Customer Value File (base year 2007-08) distributed by Pakistan Agency of Measurements which was ceased from July 1, 2002 due to rebasing of value lists and distribution of Public Shopper Value Record (Base Year 2015-16). Accordingly, further indexation of Nepra yearly expenses under the current charge structure is beyond the realm of possibilities. Consequently, update of base paces of material charge which has been tended to on quick premise through notice of draft Nepra Expense Guidelines, 2020 was required.

Concerning of Nepra Uniform Arrangement of Records, Nepra contended that according to segment 50(2) of the Guideline of Age, Transmission and Appropriation of Electric Power Act, 1997, the principles and guidelines gave under the Nepra Act are to be gotten similarity with the revised arrangements of the Nepra Act. Relevantly, under segment 36 of the Nepra Act the Authority is to indicate a uniform arrangement of records to be trailed by the licenses.

Under segment 2(XXVa) of the Nepra Act, indicated by guidelines made by the Authority determined Nepra (USoA) Guidelines, 2022. Notwithstanding, as there as of now exist Nepra (USoA) Rules 2009; hence, the said guidelines are to become effective upon the said rules. In this way, the Expert on Walk 3, 2022 while supporting the Nepra (USoA) Guidelines, 2022 endorsed that suggestion might be shipped off the National Government to rescind the Nepra (USoA) Rules, 2009 according to segment 46(1) of the Nepra Act.

Nepra, in its letter had suggested that Nepra (USoA) Rules, 2009 might be revoked by the Central Government. About Nepra Fines Rules, 2002, Nepra, in a letter to Secretary Bureau expressed that according to segment 50 of the Guideline of Age, Transmission and Dispersion of Electric Power Act, 1997, the principles and guidelines gave under the Demonstration are to be carried into similarity with the corrected arrangements of the Demonstration, any place expected, inside a time of one year from the date of coming introduction impact of the Revision Act.

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