Pakistanis Can Now Travel to China in Just Rs. 60,000


A private bus service in Pakistan has decided to run its buses between Islamabad and the Chinese city of Tashkurgan after Eid al-Fitr. A representative of the company told Gwadar Pro that the service from Islamabad to Tashkurgan will start on 13 May 2023.

In the first phase, a mini-Utong bus with a capacity of 28 seats will be rolled out. The journey will take around 38 hours including the immigration process. Passengers will also stay for one night at the Sost border.

The fare is estimated at Rs. 60,000. According to the representative, the necessary requirements for travel include an original passport and copy, a valid original visa along with its copy, and an invitation to China (visa category).

The service is open to all who wish to visit China on business and official matters, or as tourists. The company also plans to expand the service, given its need and popularity among the people of both lands.

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