OGDCL Eyes Production Boost, Exploration Drive in Balochistan’s Zin Block


Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) is planning to boost oil and gas production from current wells while prioritising exploration efforts in the Zin block of Baluchistan, which holds confirmed reserves of 840 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), company’s top official said on Thursday.

The current creation of oil by OGDCL remains at 32,250 barrels each day (bpd) and gas at 80 million cubic feet each day (mmcfd) and LPG at 774mmcfd under the streamlining plan from existing wells. The administration has chosen to expand the oil creation to 38000bpd and add more 32-36mmcfd gas in the framework. This implies the gas creation would expand up to 837mmcfd.

“The administration with this impact has laid out the specialists’ gathering to upgrade the creation of oil and gas. The gathering comprises of specialists of the OGDCL which has been only committed to expanding the gas streams with course of events focuses through current strategies from the current wells or the wells which are exhausting concerning oil and gas creation,” Ahmed Hayat Lak, overseeing overseer of OGDCL, told The News.

He educated that individuals regarding the gathering who right now head a few divisions in the organization were asked to zero in on expanding the progression of oil and gas from the current wells completely. “What’s more, to upgrade the development of oil and gas, new pursuits with nearby and unfamiliar organizations would likewise be started.”

Lak likewise uncovered that two specialized specialists from Schlumberger — a US organization – – would likewise stretch out skill to the OGDCL’s specialists for upgrade of oil and gas creation. Schlumberger will give one master from Oman and the other from its nearby activities. Under the arrangement, the objective of the specialists’ gathering for improvement of oil and gas creation has been set till June 2023, and December 2023 on 6 month to month reason for a three years time span.

Solely because of the endeavors of the gathering, the administration expects that 1700 barrels each day creation of oil and 1mmcfd gas will be added to the framework by June 2023, and past that by December 2023, the steady oil creation will cross the sign of extra creation of 3000bpd.

Furthermore, from the Khewari gas field, 7.1mmcfd has been delivered in December 2022, which will be added to the framework by October 2023.

He likewise referenced that in the Zin alliance situated at Dera Bugti in Baluchistan, OGDCL had bored 9 wells and 15-16 additional wells were to be penetrated. “When the business and specialized practicality is finished, we can get hold of the total creation of 100mmcfd low BTU.”

Lak said investigation and creation organizations, including OGDCL, Pak-Bedouin Processing plant Restricted (PARCO), Pakistan Petrol Restricted (PPL), Mari Petrol Organization Restricted (MPCL), and Government Property Private Restricted (GHPL) had marked a notice of figuring out (MoU) to investigate and seek after green hydrogen open doors inside and outside Pakistan. “The cooperation intends to drive the energy progress towards a more maintainable future, utilizing each organization’s mastery and assets.”

Under the MoU, OGDCL, PARCO, PPL, MPCL, and GHPL will consider joint endeavor activities and areas of shared participation for efficient power energy drives. “Organizations will likewise lay out a joint asset to raise value for hydrogen projects,” he said.

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