ESP, Budget – The Missing Focus


Economic Survey of Pakistan is a yearly flagship publication of the Ministry of Finance which highlights the trend of macro-economic indicators, development policies, strategies, as well as sectoral achievements of the economy.

It is normally released in March-April so that it can provide a sound basis for making of next year budget.

Ministry of Finance does not seem to be working on it and is preoccupied on political directives of the government.

Government seems to be devoid of its responsibility to put forth ESP. It also seems to have put at the back burner the preparation of draft budget, due for presentation soon.

Opposition too is not highlighting nor demanding ESP soonest.

The parliament seem to be making a Pakistani record of holding NA,Senate sessions and churning out bills and act and rules. Looks like that the as of now deficient and defective constitution needs a beating, an overhaul including stripping of the powers of the President.

Bring it on. Whether Pakistan needs it now or not.

The elephants are trampling the field The game is on and there seems to be no realisation about measures to handle economic meltdown and IMF holds. Pity.

This being the mindset, no wonder ESP release and budget drafting is not being given due importance.Better late than never.

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