OGDCL to Fuel Pakistan’s Energy Needs With New Gas And Oil Production


OGDCL’s Bettani field prepares to deliver energy boost to Pakistan Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) is gearing up efforts to commence gas production of 10 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day of gas and 1,000 barrels per day of oil from Wali exploration block, also known as the Bettani field, located in F.R. Laki, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from the next month of June 2023.

According to subtleties, OGDCL, the main Investigation and Creation organization in Pakistan, holds 100 percent working revenue in the field and gauges the recoverable stores to be around 13 million barrels of oil and 219 billion cubic feet of gas. This means a likeness 55 million barrels of oil same (BOEs).

The early creation offices at Bettani-1 have been created by OGDCL to assist the initiation of gas and oil creation from the field. The office is supposed to create 10 million standard cubic feet each day (MMscf/d) of gas and 1,000 barrels each day (BPD) of oil. Extra wells are being penetrated nearby to take advantage of the field’s potential completely.

As per sources in the petrol division, the gas delivered from Bettani field will be integrated with the SNGPL network in June 2023. This association will take into consideration extra improvement capability of up to 50 MMscf/d. OGDCL’s forceful establishment of handling and creation foundation in Baluchistan and KPK, especially in Jhal Magsi and Bettani, will additionally work with the advancement of future exploratory disclosures in these areas.

OGDCL, currently a market chief in gas creation, is right now delivering more than 1,025 MMSCF/d of gas from its own and worked joint endeavors fields. Significant gas-creating fields for the organization incorporate Uch Gas Field, Qadirpur Gas Field, Kunnar Pasakhi Profound Tando Allah Yar Gas Condensate Field, Nashpa Oil Field, and Sinjhoro Gas Condensate Field.

The feasible and reasonable stock of energy is essential for the financial improvement of Pakistan. OGDCL intends to focus on advancement designs and facilitate the adaptation of found resources for meet the country’s energy needs and create early incomes for the organization.

In its endeavors to address the decrease in gas creation, OGDCL is executing different measures like penetrating new wells, workovers, well mediations, and the establishment of front-end pressure. The organization is additionally investigating value corrections and likely purchasers for abandoned fields. These drives line up with OGDCL’s central goal to present the most recent innovation and development for manageable development.

The expansion of new turn of events and exploratory wells, alongside workovers, has empowered OGDCL to infuse 1,628 MMSCF of gas into the creation stream during the initial nine months of the ongoing monetary year. The organization’s exploratory endeavors have brought about three oil and gas disclosures, with a normal aggregate day to day creation capability of 3,007 barrels of oil and 2.7 MMscf of gas.

Besides, OGDCL has as of late introduced its fifth Electrical Sub Siphon (ESP) at the Sono-7 well, contributing 2,000 BPD of oil and essentially improving the organization’s hydrocarbon profile.

It is relevant to specify here that OGDCL’s determined endeavors to address the decrease in gas creation and improve public energy security mirror its obligation to the financial advancement of Pakistan. Through a blend of key preparation, innovative progressions, and supported venture, OGDCL endeavors to reinforce the country’s energy area and make ready for maintainable development and success.

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