Pakistan’s petrol, diesel prices for the next two weeks


WEB DESK: As the fortnightly review approaches, indications suggest that there will be no significant alterations in the prices of petroleum products. Notably, diesel and kerosene rates are expected to experience a slight decrease.
The government is on the brink of announcing the revised petrol prices for the upcoming week. The new petrol rates in Pakistan will come into effect from December 1, and the announcement is expected to be made before 11:59 pm today.
Currently, the petrol rate in Pakistan is Rs281.34 per litre, and many individuals, burdened by inflation, are hoping for a decrease in petrol prices.
Reports suggest that the ex-refinery and ex-depot prices of petroleum products have remained relatively stable, with no major fluctuations. This stability is attributed to a recent easing of global crude prices.
Among the notable changes, the ex-depot price of petrol, the predominant fuel in the country, is set to increase marginally by Rs0.19 per litre, reaching Rs281.53 compared to the current price of Rs281.34, as reported by industry officials.
Furthermore, the ex-depot price of high-speed diesel (HSD), primarily used for transport, is expected to see a decline of Rs6.24 per litre, settling at Rs290.47 for the next fortnight, in contrast to the existing price of Rs296.71.
Similarly, the ex-depot price of kerosene, utilized for cooking and lighting in rural areas, is projected to decrease to Rs202.16 per litre from the current price of Rs204.98, reflecting a reduction of Rs2.82 per litre.

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