“SIFC Urges Accelerated Progress on Wind Energy Projects to Foster Renewable Growth”


The Executive Committee of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) has issued directives to the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) to expedite the competitive bidding process for 300 MW of category-III wind projects within a week. This move comes as part of efforts to enhance Pakistan’s renewable energy sector and reduce dependency on imported fuels. While category-III solar projects…

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“Overhaul of Electricity Act Sought by Government to Modernize Power Sector”


The caretaker government in Pakistan has issued directives to the Power Division to amend the outdated National Electricity Act of 1910 in order to align with the evolving dynamics of the power sector. The aim is to facilitate the introduction of a competitive electricity market, primarily through the implementation of wheeling charges, to enable private consumers to directly access electricity…

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“Barclays Ceases Direct Financing for New Oil and Gas Projects Amid Climate Strategy Overhaul”


In a significant move reflecting its commitment to addressing climate change, British bank Barclays announced on Friday that it would no longer provide direct financing for new oil and gas projects. However, despite this shift, the bank faced criticism from campaigners who argued that the measures did not go far enough. As part of its updated climate strategy, Barclays stated…

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“Global Concerns Mount Over Pakistan’s Election Integrity Amidst Allegations of Irregularities”


The international community has raised concerns over the integrity of Pakistan’s recent elections, with prominent figures and organizations expressing apprehensions about alleged irregularities and restrictions that marred the electoral process. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed worry over the suspension of mobile communications services and instances of violence during the election day in Pakistan. While urging political leaders and society segments…

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“US State Department Expresses Concern Over Allegations of Election Interference in Pakistan”


The US State Department has voiced its apprehension regarding allegations of interference in Pakistan’s electoral process. In a statement issued by spokesperson Matthew Miller, the US has aligned itself with international and local election observers, highlighting concerns about undue restrictions on freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly during the recent elections. The statement unequivocally condemns electoral violence and the…

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Army Chief Calls for Unity and Stability in Pakistan’s Political Landscape”


In a significant address delivered today, the Army chief of Pakistan issued a compelling call for unity and stability in the nation’s political sphere. With a backdrop of ongoing challenges and divisions, the Army chief emphasized the urgent need for a unified government that represents the diverse polity and pluralism of Pakistan. Under the banner of the Inter-Services Public Relations…

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