K-Electric and Hub Power Company Sign Agreement to Explore Thar Coal Power Conversion


In a significant move towards sustainable energy solutions, K-Electric (KE) and Hub Power Company Ltd have recently inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to delve into the potential for adopting affordable electricity through the conversion of the Hub plant to locally sourced Thar coal.

Aligned with KE’s strategic vision to integrate power generation from domestic resources into its energy portfolio, this collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards leveraging Thar coal-based projects for power generation.

The Hub power station, boasting a capacity of 1,292MW with four units of 323MW each, has been operating on residual fuel oil since its establishment in 1997, maintaining commendable operational standards.

Expressing his views, KE Chief Executive Moonis Abdullah Alvi emphasized the company’s commitment to transitioning away from imported fossil fuels towards indigenous sources, thereby fortifying the resilience of the power value chain. Echoing this sentiment, Hubco CEO Kamran Kamal underscored the significance of the proposed conversion to coal in reducing dependency on imported fuels.

This strategic collaboration not only underscores the commitment of both entities towards sustainable energy practices but also highlights their collective efforts towards fostering energy security and self-reliance.

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