US Lawmakers Urge Caution in Recognizing Pakistan Election Results Amid Allegations of Irregularities


In a bipartisan call for vigilance, several United States lawmakers have advised the Biden administration to refrain from recognizing the recent election results in Pakistan until alleged irregularities are thoroughly investigated. This stance, echoed by members from both sides of the aisle, underscores concerns about potential interference and fraud in the electoral process.

The US State Department’s spokesperson emphasized the importance of investigating claims of interference or fraud, echoing sentiments expressed by credible international and local election observers. Notably, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and Ranking Member Gregory Meeks, alongside other prominent lawmakers, have called for a robust investigation into alleged vote counting irregularities and ballot tampering.

Congressman Brad Sherman emphasized the critical role of press freedom in ensuring transparent elections, urging Pakistani press organizations to report vote tabulations without delay. Similarly, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib highlighted the need to safeguard Pakistani democracy from external interference, emphasizing the importance of fair elections free from manipulation.

Congresswoman Dina Titus stressed the significance of upholding the rule of law and condemned any instances of political violence or suppression of freedom of expression. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar echoed these sentiments, urging the Department of State to withhold recognition of election results until credible, independent investigations are conducted into allegations of misconduct.

Congressman Greg Casar underscored the importance of protecting democracy and ensuring a transparent electoral process before recognizing any incoming government. Congresswomen Summer Lee and Susan Wild emphasized the US’s commitment to supporting the Pakistani people and standing against any attempts to undermine their democratic rights.

In a parallel effort, the Pakistani American Political Action Committee (PAKPAC) called on the Biden administration and Congress to investigate alleged election irregularities and uphold democratic principles. A bipartisan resolution, introduced by Congressmen Richard McCormick and Dan Kildee, underscores strong support for democracy in Pakistan and condemns any attempts to suppress voter participation or manipulate the electoral process.

Overall, these calls for caution reflect a bipartisan consensus among US lawmakers to uphold democratic norms and ensure the integrity of the electoral process in Pakistan.

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