Foreign Office Rejects International Criticism of Election Process


In response to international criticism of Pakistan’s 2024 general elections, the Foreign Office reiterated its stance, dismissing external scrutiny and labeling the polls as an internal matter.

Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, addressing concerns raised by countries such as the US, UK, and EU regarding the fairness and transparency of the election process, asserted that such criticism lacked constructive objectivity. Baloch reaffirmed Pakistan’s sovereignty over its electoral affairs, emphasizing that the election process is solely the concern of the Pakistani government.

Despite calls for investigating alleged irregularities and concerns raised by international bodies including the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who urged resolving electoral disputes through legal channels, the Foreign Office remained steadfast in defending the electoral process. Baloch highlighted the significant voter turnout, particularly among women and young voters, urging observers to acknowledge the positive aspects of the elections.

While Pakistan allowed foreign election observers, including a team from the Commonwealth, the absence of a full-sized mission from the European Union Election Observers was noted. However, these efforts failed to assuage concerns from Washington, with US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby expressing fresh apprehensions regarding reports of intimidation and potential voter suppression in Pakistan.

Kirby underscored the importance of closely monitoring the situation until the votes are fully tallied, refraining from definitive statements at this stage.

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