Pakistan Plans to Lay 81-Kilometer Gas Pipeline from Gwadar to Iranian Border


In a significant development, Pakistan has announced plans to proceed with the long-pending gas line project within its territory in two phases. The initial phase involves laying an 81-kilometer segment of the pipeline from Gwadar, where Iran has already established its part of the pipeline originating from the gas field.

The decision received approval from the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), which endorsed the strategy to prioritize the construction of the 81-kilometer stretch out of the total planned pipeline span of 781 kilometers, ultimately connecting to Nawabshah. The Petroleum Division is set to seek administrative clearance from the federal cabinet for the construction of this segment, with financing to be arranged through the Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) board under the supervision of the finance ministry.

Initially, the 81-kilometer pipeline will link Gwadar to the IP gas line project, facilitating the utilization of gas resources in Gwadar itself.

Iran has extended a deadline of 180 days to Pakistan, now set until September 2024. Failure to respond positively could prompt Iran to initiate Paris-based International Arbitration, seeking a penalty of $18 billion. However, Iran has also expressed willingness to collaborate with Pakistan, offering legal and technical expertise to develop a mutually beneficial strategy before the deadline expiration. Previously scheduled talks between Iranian and Pakistani experts were postponed due to tensions between the two nations, but now with the restoration of normalcy, discussions are expected to resume.

Following SIFC directives, the Petroleum Division is tasked with involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the proposed visit of the Iranian delegation to Pakistan. Coordination committees from both countries will work together to devise a viable strategy for the successful implementation of the project.
Story By Khalid Mustafa

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