Outrage Over Proposed Benefits for Newly Elected MNAs


In a recent development reported by The Express Tribune on February 23, 2024, a staggering proposal has emerged, suggesting a budget of Rs1.5 billion for the salaries and perks of the newly elected members of the 16th National Assembly. The proposed benefits include lavish allowances, extensive travel privileges, and even blue passports for the MNAs and their families.

According to the outlined plan, MNAs are set to receive a plethora of benefits, including 25 business class air tickets, travel vouchers worth Rs300,000, and various daily allowances amounting to thousands of rupees. Each MNA will also enjoy a basic salary of Rs150,000 along with additional allowances totaling Rs38,000. Moreover, telephone allowances, office allowances, and ad hoc relief are also included in the proposed package.

The perks don’t stop there. MNAs will have access to substantial daily allowances for conveyance, household expenses, and travel, along with free business class domestic travel and first-class international travel. Additionally, they will be entitled to official passports and even blue passports for themselves and their families.

Furthermore, chairpersons of committees are promised even more luxuries, including private secretaries, drivers, and substantial honorariums. They will also be provided with cars and fuel allowances, adding to the already exorbitant benefits.

This proposed budget has sparked outrage among citizens, who see it as nothing short of legalized plunder. Many argue that such excessive perks are not only unnecessary but also indicative of a government detached from the realities faced by ordinary Pakistanis. Calls for transparency and accountability in government spending are growing louder, as citizens demand an end to what they perceive as the systemic exploitation of public funds for personal gain.

As discussions on the budget progress, it remains to be seen whether these proposed benefits will be met with widespread condemnation or whether they will be implemented despite public outcry.

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