LONGi Launches Hi-MO X6 Bifacial, a Breakthrough in Solar Panel Technology

Lahore: LONGi, a leading innovator in solar panel manufacturing, stole the spotlight at the Solar Pakistan Exhibition hosted at the Expo Center Lahore with the introduction of their groundbreaking product, the Hi-MO X6 Bifacial. The event witnessed a flurry of excitement as visitors flocked to witness this pioneering solar panel technology firsthand.

The Hi-MO X6 Bifacial represents a paradigm shift in the industry, promising unparalleled efficiency and performance. With power efficiency ranging from 560 to 585M, this innovative panel surpasses conventional models, setting a new benchmark for the distribution market. It’s remarkable maximum module efficiency of 22.6% heralds a new era of energy generation.

Longi’s commitment to reliability is evident in the Hi-MO X6 Bifacial’s specifications, boasting a power tolerance of 0~3% and minimal power degradation. With less than 1.5% degradation in the first year and a mere 0.40% from year 2 to 30, this panel ensures consistent and reliable energy output over its lifespan.

A standout feature of the Hi-MO X6 Anti-Dust showcased at the exhibition was Longi’s anti-dust technology, which proved its resilience even in challenging conditions such as snowfall. Visitors marveled at the innovative frame design, facilitating the efficient removal of dust and ensuring an impressive 95% exposure for maximum power generation. In contrast, conventional panels struggled with snowmelt, resulting in less than 10% exposure and reduced efficiency.

Ali Majid, Country Director of LONGi, expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “We are thrilled to unveil the Hi-MO X6 Bifacial at the Solar Pakistan Exhibition. LONGi’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of solar innovation is evident in this groundbreaking product, and the enthusiastic response from visitors reinforces our position as industry leaders.”

The launch of the Hi-MO X6 Bifacial signifies a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. With this revolutionary product, LONGi continues to drive the transition towards a cleaner and greener future, reaffirming their commitment to innovation and excellence in the solar industry.

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