Sindh Government and World Bank to Invest $100m in Renewable Energy Projects


The Sindh government has partnered with the World Bank to initiate renewable energy ventures, aiming to generate approximately 300MW of electricity through solar and wind projects. Mehfooz Qazi, Director of Alternative Energy for the Sindh Government, announced the $100 million investment during a seminar titled ‘Significance of Renewable Energy for Karachi & Export Industry: Cost of Inaction.’

These projects, including solar, wind, and waste-to-energy initiatives, are geared towards environmental preservation and combating natural disasters. Qazi highlighted the importance of such ventures in providing low-cost energy and addressing Pakistan’s inflationary challenges.

The collaboration between the Sindh government and K-Electric on alternative energy projects was also noted. Hammad Ali from Renewables First emphasized the potential cost savings of transitioning to renewables, citing missed opportunities and losses incurred due to previous reliance on thermal power generation.

Former NEPRA chairman, Tauseef Farooqi, emphasized the necessity of a competitive market mechanism in the energy sector to lower costs and enhance efficiency. Somanul Haq from Net Zero Pakistan highlighted the growing demand for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and the urgency for industries to transition to cleaner energy sources to remain competitive in global markets.

Story by Salman Siddiqui

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