Petrol Premium Adjusted by Rs4.25/Litre; HSD Margin Altered by 26 Paisa


ISLAMABAD: The interim government announced on Friday an adjustment of Rs4.25 per litre in the premium on petrol and 26 paisa on high-speed diesel (HSD), considering exchange rates and dealers’ margins in petroleum product prices, effective from March 1, 2024.

Following a fortnightly review on Thursday, the government increased the price of petrol by Rs4.13 per litre, while maintaining the rate of HSD at the previous fortnight’s level (February 16-29).

The cost of supply for Pakistan State Oil (PSO), factoring in an average of platts with incidentals and duty, resulted in an increase of Rs4.25 per litre for petrol, setting it at Rs196.93 from the previous Rs192.69 per litre. Conversely, the rate for HSD decreased by 26 paisa, from Rs208.74 to Rs208.47 per litre.

Exchange rate adjustments saw an increase of 19 paisa for petrol, rising from 52 paisa to 70 paisa per litre, while HSD experienced a decrease of 32 paisa, dropping from Rs1.97 to Rs1.65 per litre.

The Inland Freight Equalization Margin (IFEM) increased by 7 paisa for petrol, from Rs6.94 to Rs7.01 per litre, whereas for HSD, it decreased by 16 paisa, from Rs3.92 to Rs3.76 per litre.

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