Chinese Solar Firm Partners with Local Company in $700 Million Investment for Solar Projects in Pakistan


The surge in demand for solar energy in Pakistan, driven by escalating electricity prices and governmental initiatives, has led to a significant partnership between a Chinese solar company, Hanersun Technologies, and a local firm, My Energy. The collaboration aims to introduce 500 MW solar projects, backed by a substantial investment of $700 million.

The agreement outlines plans for establishing distribution networks, dealer networks, warranty and service centers, as well as flagship stores across the country. Tariq Wazir Ali, CEO of My Energy, emphasized the necessity of sustainable energy solutions in Pakistan, highlighting the potential cost savings and environmental benefits of transitioning to solar power.

Sunny Sun, Vice President of Hanersun Technologies, acknowledged the prevailing shortage of quality solar products in Pakistan and pledged to address this issue through the joint venture. The partnership aims to provide affordable energy solutions while promoting sustainable practices in the country.

Experts in the energy sector underscored the importance of introducing advanced solar technologies in Pakistan, citing the likelihood of further increases in electricity and gas prices. They cautioned that while solar energy offers potential savings, the reliability and longevity of solar solutions are crucial for consumer confidence. They urged governmental oversight to ensure fair pricing and quality control in the sector, alongside initiatives to promote solar energy adoption.

The joint venture between Hanersun Technologies and My Energy signals a significant step towards expanding solar energy infrastructure in Pakistan and addressing the nation’s growing energy needs.


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