WAPDA Unveils Hydel Museum at Tarbela Dam


March 11, 2024: The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has unveiled the Hydel Museum at the Tarbela 4th Extension Hydel Power Station, showcasing vintage electro-mechanical equipment from various hydropower plants. This initiative aims to preserve and showcase the rich heritage of WAPDA’s hydel power stations.

The museum features equipment and parts from hydropower plants such as Jabban, Warsak, Tarbela, Renala, Kurrum Garhi, and Chitral. Additionally, visitors can explore a model of the Jabban Hydel Power Station (1937) and a structural model of the iconic Tarbela Dam.

The inauguration ceremony was led by Member (Power) WAPDA, Jamil Akhtar, and attended by key officials including GM Hydel (Development) Ihsanullah, GM (Power) Tarbela Nasrum Min Allah, and Chief Engineer (O&M) Tarbela 4th Extension Hydel Power Station Muhammad Tariq.

Addressing the ceremony, Member (Power) Jamil Akhtar praised the establishment of the WAPDA Hydel Museum at Tarbela Dam, highlighting the significance of Tarbela as the largest power station in the country. He commended the efforts of GM (Power) Tarbela, Chief Engineer (O&M) Tarbela 4th Extension, and their team for preserving WAPDA’s assets and heritage through the museum.

The Hydel Museum stands as a testament to WAPDA’s commitment to preserving its legacy and promoting awareness about the importance of hydropower in Pakistan’s energy landscape.

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