KP Chief Minister Calls for Action on Federal Dues, Emphasizes Hydropower Rights


During a meeting at the Chief Minister’s House in Peshawar, KP Chief Minister Ali Amin Khan Gandapur emphasized the significant outstanding dues owed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) by the federal government. Under the ‘AGN Qazi Formula’, the federal government owes KP a substantial amount of Rs 1,510 billion as net hydel profit (NHP). Additionally, arrears totaling Rs. 6 billion, pertaining to the province’s electricity supplied to the national grid, remain unsettled.

Attendees of the meeting included Advisor to Chief Minister for Finance Muzammil Aslam, Chief Secretary Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry, and other relevant officials. Discussions revolved around KP’s financial challenges, exacerbated by the incomplete financial integration following the administrative merger of erstwhile FATA into KP.

Despite the completion of the administrative merger, financial integration remains incomplete, leading to financial difficulties for the provincial government. KP is not receiving its due share in various federal transfers, posing a significant challenge. Furthermore, the province’s share in the NFC Award has not been adjusted to accommodate the increased population post-merger, further straining KP’s financial situation.

Chief Minister Gandapur directed officials to devise a comprehensive strategy to address KP’s financial grievances with the federal government. He stressed the need for expedited action, outlining plans to utilize all available legal and constitutional avenues to secure KP’s dues. Additionally, he instructed the formation of an expert team to engage effectively with the federal government, with recourse to legal action if necessary.

In another meeting concerning land revenue, Chief Minister Gandapur emphasized the protection of women’s inheritance rights and urged for the swift completion of land record computerization projects. He directed for necessary amendments in relevant laws and practical steps to ensure the completion of project phases by specified deadlines, along with the deployment of adequate staff at the district level.

Chief Minister Gandapur reaffirmed the government’s commitment to securing KP’s financial rights and ensuring the efficient management of land revenue systems for the benefit of the province’s citizens.

Courtesy Business Recorder

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