In a recent meeting, the French Deputy Head of Mission (Guillaume Dabouis) called on the newly appointed Minister of Energy, Dr. Musadiq Masood Malik, to discuss potential avenues of collaboration in Pakistan’s energy sector. During the meeting, French officials expressed France’s keen interest in investing in various aspects of Pakistan’s energy landscape, ranging from LNG cargo provision to energy resource exploration, and projects aimed at enhancing energy trading, distribution, and transmission within the country. Additionally, the French delegation has conveyed their interest in initiatives directed towards reducing line losses and revitalizing Pakistan’s energy sector as a whole.

The minister, who received warm felicitations on his assumption of office by the French officials, reiterated his commitment to dedicating significant time and effort towards addressing Pakistan’s longstanding energy challenges comprehensively. Emphasizing a departure from piecemeal strategies, he assured that the new government would approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a thoroughly prepared plan. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of stakeholder consultations to ensure that any agreements made with the IMF align with the best interests of the Pakistani people.

Underlining the government’s broader economic reform agenda, the minister reaffirmed the Prime Minister’s unwavering commitment to overhaul key sectors, including Energy, Finance, Commerce, Industries & Production, and Communication. Ensuring the prioritization of IT and SMEs remains steadfast on the prime minister’s transformation plan. He emphasized that since agriculture serves as the backbone of Pakistan, the Prime Minister is profoundly committed to modernizing the agricultural sector by integrating AI and Machine Learning technologies. To materialize the vision of the Prime Minister, every minister is determined to bring big changes for Pakistan’s long-term growth and prosperity.

The discussions between the French Deputy Head of Mission and the Minister of Energy signal a promising collaboration that holds the potential to address Pakistan’s energy woes while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between Pakistan and France.

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