NEECA Introduces Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC-2023)


National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) Implements New Building Code for Energy Conservation

NEECA, under the Ministry of Energy (MoE) – Power Division, has introduced the Energy Conservation Building Code, 2023 (ECBC-2023) to be enforced nationwide. This code, developed with technical support from international and national organizations, aligns with recommendations from the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy-2023 and the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Action Plan-2023-2030.

The ECBC-2023 is applicable to both new and existing buildings across Pakistan. Provincial governments have the authority to amend the code according to their climatic conditions and jurisdiction. The code covers engineering design for buildings meeting specific criteria related to connected load, contract demand, conditioned area, and unconditioned building size.

Violation of the code will result in penalties as per the Act, and the code will be reviewed every three years for updates and relevance. Provisions from the Pakistan Engineering Council Bye-laws, 1986 related to the code have been repealed.

NEECA’s initiative emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency and conservation in addressing the country’s energy challenges. The code’s development involved collaboration with technical and advisory committees, including experts from public departments, universities, and the construction sector, ensuring comprehensive stakeholder engagement.

The ECBC-2023 represents a significant step towards integrated energy management and sustainability in Pakistan’s building sector.

Story by Mushtaq Ghumman

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